Spa Treatments

  1. Full Body Scrub
    Using sugar combined with crushed walnuts, soothing aloe + chamomile, the body is gently exfoliated from tip to toe. This scrub cleanses and softens your skin creating blood flow and circulation. After hot towels a full body massage with essential oils leaves your skin soft & hydrated. 60 min: $100 90 min: $145
  2. Full Body Wrap
    This full body treatment of wildflower and bentonite clay detoxifies, cleanses and reduces the pores while absorbing toxins and heavy metals. The mask is removed with hot towels and a full body application of Body Nourish cream leaving your skin deeply hydrated. 60 min: $110 90 min: $160
  3. Full Body Treatment
    The best of everything... Total Body Scrub & Wrap. Enjoy a full body scrub, gently exfoliating preparing your skin for a detoxifying full body wrap. This treatment also includes a full body massage to hydrate and soothe your skin. These treatments are perfectly paired together and will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 90 min: $175
  4. Pedi Treatment
    A treatment just for your feet! Enjoy a soothing foot soak with lavender buds, Epsom salts & essential oils. Our homemade sugar scrub is applied, followed by a detoxifying mask. Hot towels and a pressure point massage using essential oils will bring you deep relaxation. 45 min: $55 add on to your massage $40 (adds approx. 30 min time to massage)