1. Signature Massage
    Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and traction are combined in our signature massage to address all your needs. Whether you need a 90 minute vacation or relief from chronic pain each session is customized to your needs. Every massage includes your choice of aromatherapy. 30 min: $50 60 min: $80 90 min: $115
  2. Basalt Stone or Selenite Stone
    This very relaxing massage offers heated basalt or selenite stones to soothe aching muscles. These stones are an extension of the hand providing release of tense muscle tissue. Selenite has many benefits,bringing balance to your body and clearing blocked energies, which makes it a wonderful stone for massaging. This treatment can also be added just to the back during our signature massage. 60 min: $100 90 min: $145
  3. Prenatal
    Moms-To-Be, this is for you! Soon to be moms can enjoy this massage at any stage in her pregnancy. This massage will help release lower back pain, improve circulation and encourage overall relaxation. Aromatherapy of your choice is included. 30 min: $50 60 min: $80
  4. Couples Massage
    Our Signature Massage for two! Enjoy a side-by-side massage with your favorite person. Each of you can relax with a massage session suited to meet your goals. Includes aromatherapy of your choice & yummy chocolates. 60 min: $165 90 min: $235
A Little Extra...
Our "add on treatments" are as unique as you are!

Foot or Back Scrub  $12
Improve circulation and enjoy the exfolation of our homemade sugar scrub.
Try our "scrub of the month" or choose your favorite ar omatherapy blend.

Our Scrub of the Month...
Spring Fling
enjoy 25% off our Scrub of the Month during your massage session.

CBD Salve or Massage Cream $5
For specific areas of pain relief.
Perfect for areas of the neck, back or shoulders.

Basalt or Selenite Hot Stone $10 (Back Only) 
These heated stones help relax muscle tension and are great for deep tissue work.

Siesta Time
 $10 per15 minutes
You don't have to get up from your massage right away! 
Enjoy some extra needed rest and quietness at the end of your massage.
(advance booking required)