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handmade everyday jewelry

We offer a wide variety of handmade jewelry.  Most of our items are made to diffuse your favorite essential oils.​​
Just place 1 drop of oil on 2 or more lava beads and it will slowly diffuse over 2-3 days.
Now you can enjoy your oils all day long!

Below are just a few examples of our items you'll find in our shop. (click on any image to zoom in)

single aromatherapy bracelet $15 ea.

aromatherapy faux suede bracelet $18  ea.

children size aromatherapy bracelet $12 ea.

goddess aromatherapy bracelet $25 ea.

beaded wrap bracelet + sets $28 - $38 

wrap bracelets - single, double or triple wrapped  $28 - $48

Mala Necklace  $65 - $105

Malas are used during a mantra meditation, also know a Japa Meditation. Although there are lots of designs, there is a traditional way that they are created. Each mala has 108 beads, this is the amount of times the mantra is repeated. This meditation technique helps your mind focus on one single point of concentration. In repeating this mantra you are fully able to bring intense focus to your intention & goals and the result is being able to fully absorb the meaning. There is a larger bead at the end of the necklace called the Guru Bead. This bead holds all the energy you've just created during your mantra. When you reach this bead during your meditation it is a time for you to reflect on your teachers and give thanks to every source of "light" from past, present & future. The Guru Bead is not counted or skipped over during your meditation. If doing more than one round of meditation just reverse your direction. There may be a few "marker" beads in your mala, the 27th bead. These beads are for you to pause and refocus your atttention on your meditation incase your mind wanders.

Each of our Malas are made with semi precious stones and natural rosewood beads.
Each Mala is handmade and hand knotted with beautiful positive energy and intentions.


We have many different bracelet designs using  semi precious stones, lava stones and faux suede. 
The lava stone can be helpful with emotional balances and grounding. 
Semi precious stones have amazing properties to help you throughout your day. 
Each piece of jewelry has a tag to let you know what benefits you can expect from your favorite stone.

We are constantly creating new bracelets and adding new designs. 
Be sure to check back often and see what we're up to

Looking for a specific stone, design or size? Any item can be custom made to your liking.
Email, call or text for more info!