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From relaxation to pain management the advantages of massage are endless.  Whether you're looking for a 90 minute vacation or having chronic pain, each session is customized to your needs.

It is my passion to help your body and mind
Relax and Balance
Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-6pm 
Saturday 10am-3pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
Call, text or email to schedule your appointment


Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

Basalt Stone Massage

Swedish Massage

Unwind with a soothing massage that helps relieve stress and improve overall well being. Using techniques of myofasical release and traction to receive the most from your massage.
60 min: $60          90 min: $85
An ideal massge with those dealing with muscle fatigue or chronic issues. This massage incorporates Swedish movments with attention to problem areas, working deep into the muscle layers. Offering hydrotherapy as needed.
60 min: $70          90 min: $100
This very relaxing massge offers heated Basalt stones to soothe aching muscles. These stones are an extension of the hand providing release of tense muscle tissue.
60 min: $75          90 min: $110

Mini Massage


The perfect massage for targeting the most common problem areas. If you're in need of a quick tune-up this is for you. Concentrating on the neck, shoulders & back  this massage will leave you walking taller and feeling tension free.
30 min: $40     deep tissue $45
For 2nd & 3rd trimesters, this is a must for mom-to-be. This relaxing massage will help release lower back pain, improve circulation and encourage overall relaxation.
60 min: $65 


Signature Treatment

Total Body Wrap

Total Body Scrub

This full body treatment of wildflower and bentonite clay detoxifies, cleanses and reduces the pores while absorbing toxins and heavy metals. The mask is removed with hot towels and a full body application of Body Nourish cream leaving your skin deeply hydrated.
60 min: $90
The best of everything...
Total Body Scrub & Wrap. Enjoy a full body scrub, gently exfoliating preparing your skin for a detoxifying full body wrap. These treatments are perfectly paired together and will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
90 min: $140
Using cane sugar in a macadamia cream base, the body is gently exfoliated from tip to toe. This scrub not only cleanses and softens your skin but also stimulates blood flow to the skins surface. After the exfoliation a full body application of Body Nourish cream leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.
60 min: $85

Foot Facial

A treatment just for your feet! Enjoy a soothing foot soak and a  sugar scrub from knee to toe.  A mask is then applied followed by hot towels and a pressure point massage using essential oils to provide a deep relaxation.
45 min: $45 

customize your experience with any of these treatments

Aromatherapy $5
Basalt Stone (back only) $10
Foot Scrub $10
Back Scrub $15
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Bring your massage session home!  We offer a selection of items for you to bring Relax and Balance into your everyday life.  
Selenite Lamp
Brings positive energy & warmth to your room. It can stablize your emotions and provide mental clarity.
large - $45
Plant Therapy
100% pure essential oils
We offer a wide arrange of single notes & blends to meet all your needs.
prices vary
Lavender Eye Pillow
Handmade with rice, lavender
buds & lavender essential oil,
this pillow is your peace & calm
to the end of your day.


Relieves Stress                           

Reduces Anxiety

Improves Posture

Promotes Quality of Sleep

Reduces Headaches & Migraines

Lowers Blood Pressure

Pain Management

Improves Circulation


What should I expect with my first massage appointment?
We will require you to fill out a short questionnaire. This will help me gain a better idea of your health history and if you have any medical condition.  All of your information is kept confidential.  I will ask you some questions on what your goals are for your session, this is your time and I want to be sure we are both on the same page as to what  you want me to focus on.  
Do I have to fully undress?
You only have to undress to your comfort level. You will be fully covered at all times, only the area that I am working on will be uncovered. Your comfort level is my top priority.
Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my massage?
Keeping yourself hydradted is always a plus. Be sure to drink plently of fluids the day before and the day of your massage.
What do I do during my session?
Make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Many people close their eyes and somtimes even fall alseep during a session. Some people like to talk during their session and that's completely ok too. It's your time, whatever is comfortable to you and makes you feel relaxed. Don't heistate to ask any questions during your session.
Will my massage hurt? 
No, your massage should never hurt. I will be in constant communication with you during your session. When recieving a Swedish massage you shoud never feel any type of "hurt." A deep tissue or theraputic massage requires going deeper into the muscle tissue and you will feel more pressure.
I do not believe in "no pain, no gain."  I will always be within your tolerance level and you may feel "good hurt" but I never want it to feel painful. If it's been a while since you've recieved a massage or if we've worked on an area that required more pressure you may feel sore the day after. Drinking plently of water after your massage may help with preventing that sore feeling.  
Is there anything I should do after my massage?
Drinking plently of water is always beneficial. Recieving a massage gets everything in your body moving. Flushing your body with fluids keeps that going.
Do your homework! Often I will show my clients stretches or routines they can do at home that will help them reach their goals. If you are dealing with chronic issues doing your homework is greatly beneficial to you and helpful for your future sessions. I believe working together will help you progress faster in reaching your personal goals whether it's reducing your stress or alleviating pain.
How often should I recieve a massage?
It's really up to you and your personal goals. Everyone reacts to massage differently. Some people only need a few weekly sessions to meet their goals,
others need more. After your personal goals are meet, I recommend a session at least once a month. I like to think of it as monthly maintenance for your
body and mind.  
Have another question? Please feel free to call or leave me a message.
Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-6pm       
Saturday 10am-3pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
Call, text or email to schedule your appointment

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